Like changing a piano, your body can be tuned to accomplish ideal physical parity. Tapping two tuning forks will promptly change your body’s natural chemistry and bring your sensory system, muscle tone and organs into consonant parity. In seconds … your body enters a covert government of unwinding. Feeling focused, your mind will find a sense of contentment… For what reason are such a significant number of individuals utilizing our Tuning Forks?

Image: Best Tuning Forks for Healing

Gives quick, covert government of unwinding

Improves mental lucidity and cerebrum working

Builds your degree of physical vitality and mental fixation

Diminishes worry by bringing your body into a focused space

Creates and refines your sonic capacities

Upgrades rub, pressure point massage, dreamwork and contemplation

Brings your sensory system into balance

Incorporates left and right mind thought designs

How Tuning Forks Are Utilized

Tuning forks were initially used to tune instruments since they exude immaculate sine wave sound examples that enable you to adjust instruments to the best possible pitch. At the point when you strike a tuning fork, be that as it may, you’ll notice how it makes the air around the fork vibrate, conveying extremely solid vibrating driving forces through the air. Along these lines, they have been embraced by healers who use them to build the measure of vitality on parts of the body they are attempting to recuperate.


Everything you do is strike a fork and spot it close to anyone part you wish to mend. They are additionally utilized in enthusiastic mending, for instance, by placing them in the region of the distinctive chakras or vitality focuses situated along the spine. This vitality focuses additionally simply happen to be the place the operational hubs are found along the spine that sends driving forces to the various organs, so by empowering these territories, you animate the organs into more noteworthy wellbeing giving movement.

About our Tuning Forks

Our tuning forks are made in the USA from an extraordinary Aluminum Combination that is heat-treated giving them an unadulterated tone. The single essential recurrence will stay steady for a long time and the non-discolouring material won’t rust or erode. They tune each tuning fork by hand to the exactness of .25% or better. Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are completely ensured to remain in order. We work with the chief tuning fork maker in the US.

Ohm Tuning Forks are made with space and medicinal evaluation aluminium compound and are accuracy tuned to inside 0.5% of their showed recurrence. We have decided not to shading our forks to diminish the ecological effect. Both anodizing and painting (which requires an extra degreasing procedure) are dangerous to the earth. Kindly don’t confound our tuning forks with substandard items being made in China and Pakistan.

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